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Body Measurements

Weight Loss and Supercharged Metabolism - Group


Weight loss is one of the highest priorities in many people’s overall wellness plans and yet, it can be one of the most difficult to achieve.  As a culture, we tend to focus on the physical side of weight loss including fad food diets and exercise, but weight management also involves quite a bit of energetic balance.  We are often sabotaged by our deep brain stem emotions, core beliefs and perceptions of who we are and what we are worth.  This harmonizing session focuses on helping to balance many of these core issues to help create the environment for long term weight loss success.  Group Rate is $57 per four weeks.  Please purchase a Quanta Capsule separately at the $54 discounted price.

Crossing the Finish Line

Breakthrough to Success Series

Do you feel that something is Blocking you from making a breakthrough?  Are you ready to make more money?  Would you like to clear that depression?  Would you like to clear the block that keeps you from being happy?  This is one of the most powerful programs I have to offer my clients.  We are living in a time of tremendous change.  Harness the energy for a positive force in your life.  This frequency program allows you to align in the most positive way for a greater breakthrough.  If you are ready for a breakthrough right now, choose this series.  You may look back on this as the 8 weeks that changed your life. This is an 8-week series for $467, please purchase a Quanta Capsule separately at the $54 discounted price.

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Insights 10-Week Detox Series

Ready to feel great?  Let go of the old and revitalize your physical body with the Insights Detox Program.  Detox your pathways for optimum wellness!  Harmonize your digestion, microbiome, lungs, liver, lymph, kidneys, bladder, gallbladder and overall detoxification pathways.  Focus on one topic a week to build on relaxing and clearing out excess in your system.  Sweep away the blocks to better health and wellness!  Includes a Shopping List, Health Detox Recipes and weekly aura sent to the emails and export of frequencies to your Quanta Capsule app.  $597     Please purchase Quanta Capsule separately at the $54 discounted price.

Image by Angelos Michalopoulos

Skin Rejuvenation & Youth Restoration Series

Are you noticing skin spots and discolorations?   How is your energy and stamina?  Release the stressors that contribute to aging with this 6-session series.  This series takes a deeper look at ways to harmonize the body and support the skin for a firmer appearance.  Feel a lift in your step and the energy to go all day long.  You are encouraged to take a before and after picture!   $249 for six sessions, please purchase a Quanta Capsule separately at the $54 discounted price.

Herbal Medicine

Quanta Capsule App

The Quanta Capsule App on your mobile phone allows you to play the harmonizing frequencies at your convenience in the comfort of your home.

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Bliss of Union

Do you find yourself repeating patterns in relationships? Would you be interested in transforming yourself to make a change? In the Bliss of Union 10 week Program our past participants have reported changes in their personal lives as well as a new life in their marriage.  Many who were not partnered before found a new way to attract a mate.  This program goes deep with new awarenesses.   Individual program in $997 for 10 weeks, please purchase a Quanta Capsule separately at the $54 discounted price.

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