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Meet Jacquie

Registered Pharmacist and Biofeedback Technician

For over 40 years, Jacquie has been a consulting pharmacist in the areas of diet, exercise, nutrition, herbs and homeopathic use.  She worked with her patients to complement their doctor prescribed medication with nutritional, diet and exercise recommendations.  Her patients’ health was improving so much that their doctors were able to safely reduce their medicine. 


Recognizing the value of alternative therapies, Jacquie pursued training in Stress Management with the Insights program and Quantum Biofeedback as well as the benefits of the Far Infrared Ray BioMat.  The combination of modalities centered around the Insights Program and Biofeedback has allowed Jacquie to pursue her passion for alternative therapy and natural health helping her clients to heal themselves. 

Clients experience better sleep, improved memory and focus, and relief from years of chronic illness/disease producing stressors.  One client commented “After only one session with the Insights Program, I just felt better and not so exhausted.” 

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